Kids Court

Our Kids Court is a childcare service within our facility so you can enjoy your workout knowing that your children are also enjoying themselves. We provide a safe and fun environment with plenty of activities for children from newborn thru age 12. Childcare is included in a family membership.  All childcare employees are Trustline approved.

*Daily maximum stay is 2 hours.
*Sick children are not permitted at any time.
*Parents must remain in the club at all times.
*Parents will be called if a child is crying excessively
  or requires a diaper change.
*A time-out policy will be enforced for misbehavior
  or misconduct.  Reoccurring incidents will result in loss
  of childcare priviledges.
*Children are required to be in childcare.  Children
  are not allowed to be in workout areas,  or allowed to
  wander the Club. Children under 16 are not allowed
  in pool area without an adult present in pool area.

*Kids Court welcomes all children newborn thru 12
  years of age.

Hours of operation:

Mondays-Thursdays: 815-100pm, 400-8pm
Fridays: 815-100pm, 400-6pm
Saturdays: 815-11pm
Closed Sundays