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Poker Bonus Guide

Online Poker might seem like a simple game of gambling, but it is now alluring people from all around the world. Gamblers are stepping into the domain of the virtual world of the online gambling. Online gambling can make you rich overnight, but that’s not all. It can enable you to gamble from the comfort of your homes, at your own pace and the manner in which you want to. In the virtual world, poker rooms are created so that you get to participate in some of the biggest poker tournaments live.

On top, to make things even more fun, these portals provide some great poker bonuses. These bonuses are available to you in the form of coupons or cash that these sites give as and when you deposit money in your account on their platform. With exciting offers your way, the thrill of playing poker increases fourfold.

Intrigued Enough? Let us take you through the various bonuses provided by the online gaming sites.

No Deposit Bonus

One of the rarest bonuses around, this is a delightful opportunity for amateur players to enter into the world of gambling online but is not ready to risk in cash yet. Under this, gamblers, who are interested in gamble in online poker, are required to sign up on the websites availing a “no deposit bonus codes”, and in return, they receive some real cash that they can play with. The only limitation associated with this bonus is that it has a quite low comprised rate in the online market. If you have already registered with the online casino fret not, there are no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players too.

First Deposit Bonus

This bonus is aimed at compensating the very first deposit you make with a portal. One of the most common bonuses offered by many poker sites, if you wish to extract the most from this bonus, then our golden tip is to deposit maximum cash in your account as this bonus can be availed only on your first deposit.

Rakeback Bonus

In rakeback bonus, you’re offered a certain percentage of your deposit as cash back. On an average, it is about 30% to 40% on most of the popular sites. The best part is that this bonus does not expire. You’ll continue to receive your rakeback cash as long you gamble with the site. In the long run, this bonus is more fruitful than others. So, want to play? Here, we bring you a list of some of the most popular online poker sites that offer the above bonuses.

888Poker offers some of the most lucrative bonuses of any of the UK online poker sites to its new players. 888Poker have a 100% First Deposit Bonus up to $400 on deposit of $10 or more as a welcome offer to its first-time poker players by using the promo code: WELCOME100. Another offer for new poker players who sign up on the site before 15.05.2018 is that they will be eligible for $88 for free to play on any casino games. This includes slots, texas holdem poker and full tilt poker. After registering as a new player’s accounts, the players have to claim the bonus in 14 days, and after that, the bonus will be credited to the players’ accounts upon successful verification of their email id. On top, they are offering two tickets to their twice-weekly $1000 Depositors Free Online Poker Tournaments once you make your first deposit. Also, if you deposit at least once a week, you’ll get two more tickets. So, what are you waiting for? Go, encash these offers now!


SkyPoker is another exciting and enticing poker site with a signup players can’t refuse. Skypokerprovide new players £10 free, real money coupon in their tournament tokens plus a massive 200% first deposit bonus up to £500 with a 30 days bonus expiry. The deposit bonuses will be released in increments of £10. We don’t know about you, but we are hooked by this online casino site!

WilliamHill Poker

William Hill Poker, a download poker site, has earned a niche for itself in the online world, and a part of that is because of their appealing bonuses. Their Welcome Offer enables you to play with £10 and get £100 bonus. Not just this, William Hill is providing a free cash game ticket of £7 to use at any of their cash tables. At William Hill, you are always on top!

Poker is so much more fun when you know how to make use of your bonuses to the big one. These portals in a bid to attract traffic on their sites offer some of the most lucrative bonuses, and hey, we are not complaining.

williamhill poker

bitcoin deposit

Online Casino Deposits At Your Fingertips

Majority of the gamblers, today are switching over to the online casinos. Online casino yields are more than the traditional brick and mortar casino. It is essential that one needs to have complete detail about the online casino play. It is only after the detailed knowledge; the user should opt to install the game and proceed further. Online casino game games are more straightforward to handle. There is no need to station yourself. Now, one can enjoy the online casino game anywhere and anytime. A Smartphone/ iOS/ Apple/iPad device is must install the game. One needs to have appropriate internet connectivity for the game to perform well. Additionally, a profound knowledge of the online casino deposits is essential. This blog is useful for the beginners to play safe online casino and handle their deposits.

Primary Online Casino Deposit Methods

casino deposits

There are many methods available in the market to deposit your money to play online casino games.

Some of the most used online casino deposit methods are as below:

Master Card
American Express
Bank Wire
Paysafe Card

Cryptocurrency Online Casino Deposit

There are two ways through which the cryptocurrency deposit helps one to transfer the money:

1. Bitcoin:

2011 is the year which marks the evolution of the bitcoin for transactions. Bitcoin is the first decentralised currency. The consumer has a direct hold on the bitcoin value. Today, online trading of goods and services takes place through the bitcoins. Now bitcoin casino have even found its way into the online casino deposits option such as BitCasino.

2. Ethereum:

The next cryptocurrency method for online casino deposit is Ethereum. Ethereum is still in its budding stage. Nevertheless, it is progressing at a faster pace. This method is one of the most rapid means for transactions.

What are the online casino deposit methods via mobile casino payment?

There are three popular casino Cellphone payment options:

1. Zimpler:

Zimpler traces its origin to Sweden. Zimpler is the most preferred online casino deposit methods. It aids to transfer money via mobile phones. Zimplers is still in its budding stage. Its initial name was PugglePay. It came into existence since 2016. It is the most convenient way for transferring the money.

2. Boker:

Boker came into existence in 2003. Since then, Boker has always climbed the mountain of success. Boker nullifies the use of plastic money for fund transfer. While playing Boker game, there is no compulsion to own either a credit card or a debit card or to avail for e-wallet facilities. The boker method is the second most used online casino deposit method.

3. Payfor it:

Pay for it is the currently latest available online casino deposit method. This method facilitates quick money deposits. Pay for it deducts the game transfer amount through the phone-bills incurred. The Payfor it is the most reliable deposit method available in the market.

Poker For Free

Poker For Free

Are you a poker enthusiast who is worried that you might lose money playing? Far not there are many websites out on the web that offers freerolls for playing online poker games. What is a freeroll you might ask? A freeroll is an online poker game that is totally free of cost which offered by a website to a player. These freerolls might be for all the newbies out there or for the website to attract new players into their online poker games that are paid. Don’t think that even though free rolls are absolutely free that you won’t get anything from it. Most websites offer free rolls that can be a way to earn a couple of hundred dollars per game.

Other Poker Welcome Bonuses

Additional to these free poker cash bonuses, many poker sites offer very incesnting matching bonuses which can be just as good. Additional to these free poker cash bonuses, many poker sites offer very inciting matching bonuses which can be just as good. Welcome bonuses can be promoted as a percentage of extra cash to your deposit or extra bonuses such as free spins, cash and tournament tickets. For example, depositing £10 will get you access to the William Hill Casino Club and bonuses of £7 cash game ticker, £3 tourament tickers, £100 bonus money and 10 bonus spins.

Online Poker Free Rolls

Now that you have heard about online poker freerolls let us dig a little deeper and find more about these. Freerolls are offered by most reputed online poker sites on the web. These games are actually made free to play as it is an endorsement of the website to attract the players to the real game.

Even though you can win some money, there may be some catch to it. The money may be an actual payment or any other payment such as a free real online poker game. A freeroll also can be on some terms or regulations. A player may also have to sign up for a real game to play a freeroll just like a sample for the real thing.

Online Poker Site Free Rooms

Popular websites offer these free roll games as a marketing strategy for the real game. Now let us see some popular freeroll websites on the web.


Poker stars offer a great chance to get entertaining games via freerolls. You can sign up to the website and play freerolls. This way you can experience the real rush of a poker game. PokerStars is the world’s largest online poker site. By using their freerolls, you can experience first-hand what online poker is as a beginner. You can always get chips if you run out here. There are no hidden charges or scams here.


888poker uk is the world’s second-largest online poker gaming platforms that offer you freerolls worth of 88$ on sign up. The website offers to play money for games or tournaments as a reward. This is a poker site that is famous and well established.

888Poker online


Partypoker offers you real money if you win on games. They are often filled with competitions that you can explore and test your skills.

Zynga Poker

Zynga is an online poker gaming site that is absolutely free. There is no real money in this website as rewards. But you can play against competitors all over the world and test your abilities and understand how well you perform. Zynga can always be a practice ground for your poker games.

Betsafe Poker

Betsafe is also a popular gaming website that offers rewards in the form of play money. They are often filled with recreational players that are often serious ones. Betsafe offers tournaments and championships that can always keep you entertained.

betsafe poker

These websites are often methods of testing yourselves. They are practice grounds to test your skills. Always check them out so that you may able to learn something from them.

Common mistakes in poker

Why Have You Been Playing Poker Wrong?

Did you know that poker is one of the worlds most popular card games?. It is literally the ace of all gambling games. Poker has been made popular by casinos and gambling houses. It is based on probability, calling a bluff and your ability to manipulate your opponent psychologically; strategy is the critical factor that determines your chances of winning the game.

When you sit in a poker game, you will always be wondering what the next move is going to be. If you are reading this article chances are you are not very good at the game of poker. You may always be losing in games and trying to figure out a way to win. There is no easy way to winning a game. But we can figure out a way to master the game, and then it’s all up to you. First, let us understand what things you were doing so that you lost in every game.

Common Mistakes In Poker

Playing Too Many Hands

Every poker player knows that playing too many hands is a dumb idea. But you don’t exactly understand that. You think while in the game that it might elevate your chances of getting a full deck any time in the game.

But in the end, you will end up being the loser. It’s always better to stick with the one hand you already have and build up the game around that single hand. Learn to play multiple hands but only if there is a chance that you can win.

Playing Only One Hand

Even though you stopped playing multiple poker hands at the same time, it is also crucial that getting committed to a single hand will not make it a win for you. If you keep on calling and waiting for an opportunity by trusting on a single hand will not make you win. You will only realise when you understand that there is no way for you to fold. If a hand gets too complicated leave the one before it’s too late.

Playing Emotionally

One of the critical strategies that you should put in a game is to stay focus. If you get clouded by anger or despair, it will affect your ability to judge between the plays. An aggressive player never gets a good hand with him. They cannot call bluffs or won’t be even able to call a bluff. It’s always important never to get stressed during a game of poker.

Stress can be detected by your opponents, and they might use it to play you. Keep calm and be cool, let the game be played by you not the other way around.

Going Over Your Head

Don’t let things get out of hand if someone raises a play. Don’t follow the raise and call if the money on the table is too much for you. Always be aware of what you have with you and don’tovershoot your target. The most important thing that you do in a game never follows a raise into a trap. You won’t be getting anything out if you go all in. Know when to fold when you don’t think you have the money on your table.

Understanding the game is the first thing you need to know before the game. At the table read your opponents and make a judgement. From their face and expressions understand what card they have. Whether they have a full deck or just a bluff can be recognised by the studying the opponent. Always think before you make a move. Be wise and don’t jump into unnecessary risks.

Learning how to play poker at a poker school is a very good tip.

abc poker terms

ABC Poker Terms

There are simply too many poker terms in this world. Part I looks at the ABCs of poker terms.  I have divided the poker terms into sections for ease of reference.  Once i get around to it, I will publish the Ds onwards. Stay tuned…

Poker Hands

Aces full – full house consisting three aces plus any pair.

Aces High – ace is the highest card, and there are no pairs or straights.

Air hand – has low value and the player may fold or bluff.

Ajax – starting hand has one J and one A.

American Airlines – starting hand has two A’s.

Backdoor – hand which needs the turn and river to to complete a winning hand. It’s generally making a hand other than what was intended.

Backdoor flush – the turn and river make the flush

Backdoor straight – a straight hand completed by cards dealt on the turn and river

Baskin Robbins – a hand containing the 3 and A. That is, 31 flavours. Get it!

Big Full The largest possible Full House.

Big Slick –  hand containing the A and K

Bottom End – lowest possible straight also called the idiot end.

Bottom Pair – lowest possible pair.

Broadway –  highest possible straight containing the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

Colt 45 – a hand containing the 4 and 5.

Connectors starting hand with two cards that are consecutive in rank. E.g. a 4 and 3

Cowboys – mean the King card.

Community Cards

Ace in the hole – one of the community cards is an A

Aces Wired –  two of the community cards flipped consecutively are Aces

Action Card – community card resulting in an increase in betting from multiple players

Base Dealing/Bottom Dealing – the dealer takes cards off the bottom of the deck instead of the top.

Blank – community card which does not change the value of the players hand.

Board –  community cards on the table.

Community Cards –  dealt initially face down in the middle of the table. They are then turn face up to add to the active players hand.

Poker Player Actions

ABC Poker is an inexperienced poker player employing a basic strategy. Although, it is possible an experienced player could use this strategy as a bluff.

Action – a players bet of any kind.

Acting out of turn –  a player publicises their actions by folding or checking before it’s their turn.

Advertising – a poker player makes an obvious play such as “accidently” revealing their cards after they fold.

Bluff – a player pretends their poor hand is something better.

Bluff catcher – a hand that calls a player who has bluffed.

Check – a player declines to make a bet.

Crying Call – where a player is calls but is not confident of having the best hand. When proven correct, they cry!

Poker Betting

Add on – buying more chips in between hands.

All in a player bets their entire stack.

Ante – the bet required by each player prior to the cards being dealt.

Bankroll money used to play poker.

Bet blind –  a bet without looking at the cards.

Big stack is a large stack of chips

Bleeding chips – losing all the consistently. Like bleeding cash.

Bust –  a player loses all their money

Buy-in –  minimum amount required to play in a poker game.

Call – matching the most recent bet.

Cashing out finishing the poker game and exchanging the chips for cash.

Colour Up is to trade your chips for ones of higher value.